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QMUL Student Applications - open from August each year

Queen Mary University of London students, to participate in qLegal please:

You can also attend a qLegal introduction during enrolment and induction week.

Want some tips? Read the application marking criteria [PDF 229KB] and testimonials from our previous students.

The entrepreneurial lawyers of the future

The qLegal Clinic provides preliminary advice for technology start-ups and entrepreneurs. Clients come to qLegal for advice on a range of issues including patent, trademark, commercial and corporate advice. Students therefore have the opportunity to counsel clients on issues which are aligned closely with their studies and guide clients through the legal challenges that they face, particularly at the early stage of their business development.

What you will do

If you are selected you will have the opportunity to:

  • Advise clients directly
  • Present workshops to the start-up community
  • Draft and publish toolkits for the qLegal website
  • Attend seminars and networking events at law firms and incubator spaces
  • Teach local school pupils through the Tech. Teach. Law programme
  • Work with a cool legal start-up, Lexoo in trendy Shoreditch, East London.

Engaging with fellow students and seasoned practitioners helped me to understand what was required to meet the client's desired outcomes. The experience gave me a more rounded perspective of the legal challenges and commercial realities facing real businesses.
Damian Moran, qLegal adviser

Training and development

Student advisers undergo an extensive training programme. The training is delivered by LAC staff, the legal profession, academics and QM Careers. The training covers interviewing, drafting, marketing, common legal issues for start-ups, presentation, negotiation and public speaking skills.

qLegal is a vehicle for the study and practice of law. Although it provides a useful service to the start-up community, it is primarily about putting theory into practice whilst allowing you time to reflect on your experiences.
You will learn from your clinical legal experiences in three principal ways:

  1. Working on real client cases
  2. Learning from qualified solicitors
  3. Reflectively evaluating your experiences

We work closely with student advisers from the moment they join us. Our aim is to help student advisers develop both professionally and personally.


You will learn interviewing skills (including open and closed questioning techniques); factual analysis; commercial awareness; an understanding of client care, client expectations and relationship management; legal research skills; drafting skills; case management; and office and administration skills. You will also become familiar with the ethical and professional issues relevant to legal practice.


Students are selected on the basis of an online application, with preference first given to students from the following programmes at Queen Mary University of London:


The qLegal Clinic is not assessed.

Student Profiles

Read what our students say about their qLegal experience.

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