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Free Legal Advice

qLegal provides free legal advice, workshops and resources to tech start-up companies and entrepreneurs at Queen Mary Legal Advice Centre on a range of complex legal issues including:

  • Intellectual Property matters relating to patents, copyright and trademarks
  • Agreements such as non-disclosure agreements and employment contracts
  • Types of business structure and business incorporation
  • Regulatory advice on the laws that may affect you and your business.

Teach Tech Law

qLegal postgraduate students also provide lessons to pupils at St Paul’s Way School in Tower Hamlets, East London. Lessons centre on pupils developing business ideas, which relate to technology and enterprise. At the end of the programme, students host the pupils for a pitch it day at The Digital Catapult and participate in a Q&A with lawyers, pitch their business ideas, and network and participate in a career presentation.

Law & Technology Group

qLegal also facilitates an externship work placement programme for postgraduate students at Lexoo, a legal tech start-up. Students work with Lexoo in analysing the Lexoo business model and produce a report that maps a decision tree of one process, suggesting improvements and efficiencies.

Inspiring the next generation

qLegal services are provided by high calibre postgraduate law students under the guidance of legal professionals from collaborating law firms and academic staff in the School of Law at Queen Mary University of London. qLegal aims to inspire and develop a new generation of lawyers capable of representing tech start-ups and entrepreneurs. We provide students from Queen Mary with the professional experience to develop the confidence needed to represent future business ventures.

qLegal now offers a half module on Queen Mary University of London LLM, SOLM213 Entrepreneurship law clinic.


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