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qLegal is back to school!

This September it was finally time to unveil our new qLegal programmes.

Almost 90 students joined us on Zoom for our first-ever online Induction session on Saturday 3 October 2020.
Almost 90 students joined us on Zoom for our first-ever online Induction session on Saturday 3 October 2020.

Students were invited to join our Legal Advisory programme (1-2-1 legal advice to entrepreneurs), Public Legal Education (workshops and masterclasses to communities of entrepreneurs), and Legal Projects (work placements in start-ups, coaching services and consultancy projects).

We are delighted to receive applications from far and wide and to have been able to accept just over 90 new qLegal students for our September intake.

Our student intake is as international as ever. But this year and for the first time, our students can join all of our training sessions and programme activities online. This means students are able to join qLegal and benefit from the opportunity from further away than ever, with one of our student joining us from as far as Fiji ((GMT+12).

To achieve this, the qLegal team worked hard to pivot our learning offering to a fully online setting. This has meant adapting all our processes to a variety of tech platforms to allow our students to access training, interview clients, communicate with each other’s, receive feedback from their supervisors, deliver content and workshops live, attend peer coaching sessions, and support business from their own homes.

Student experience and student growth have always been at the centre of qLegal’s work. This year, their wellbeing and sense of connection are more important than ever. We are offering over 40 short videos of training content, accessibly at any time on QM+, the QMUL online learning platform. Students have the flexibility to watch them in their own time while making our training content more accessible. Online classes and training sessions are always interactive, allowing students to both utilise the new knowledge they have acquired in group activities, as well as connect with their peers.

The qLegal team is also hosting weekly socials, as well as offering drop-in sessions during office hours on Teams.
With more partners joining us than ever and growing interest in our programmes, qLegal is thriving to offer enriching, engaging and exciting experiences in 2020 and beyond.



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