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Client Profiles – Tidyup Media


At qLegal we get to meet and work with fascinating clients whose business ideas and entrepreneurial drive bring innovation to the market. Today we spoke to Denise Semple, the founder of Tidyup Media, about her business and the advice she received from qLegal.

1. Hi Denise, could you tell us more about Tidyup Media?

Tidyup Media provides a journalism service for customers who have videos and prints stored on various types of tapes and other formats.  We transform personal or business videos and prints into stylish slideshows and bespoke photo books.  We also offer videography, photography, online writing, PR, website content creation and eLearning course design.

2. What was the main driving force behind Tidyup Media?

This is my third attempt at setting up in business. My previous business was production-company writing, directing and editing corporate videos for charities and voluntary sector projects.  The business has grown into Tidyup Media, allowing me to marry my love of videography, photography and journalism.  Setting up in business was in response to not receiving a good quality service when transferring my old video tapes and slides to digital formats. I graduated from film school as an editor so I had the skills to transfer my own videos but I didn’t have all the kit.

3. How did you go about turning an idea into reality?

I conduct research, come up with a plan, consider the costs and put the idea into motion. I find the library useful in formulating my ideas, researching and discovering new things – that's where I found out about qLegal.

4. Do you have a team and what is your role?

I do all the work myself at the moment, but I do have a crew to call on. At some point, I will need to delegate and employ people to assist with the workload.

5. What are the next steps and where do you see your business in 5 years?

After finding a business model that works well, I see many people using this service. Within five years, my dream is for the Tidyup Media business to have £6 million profit and be bought by a larger media company, with me continuing to work in the business.

6. What would be your advice to aspiring entrepreneurs?

Put together a budget and have your own prudent reserves to give yourself space. Limit how much you’re going to spend on setting up your business. Decide if you're the type of personality to be self employed – but some of us have no choice as we have to set our own hours and income.

7. What advice have you received from qLegal and how did it contribute to your business?

Firstly, I received advice on contracts that I would have with my clients, which was very helpful. As we were going through questions, many interesting issues were cropping up such as the ownership and potential commercial use of the videos being serviced.

Secondly, I received advice on intellectual property in relation to working with developers. For example, how the contract between myself and the developer will be fleshed out and other issues I would have to consider such as confidentiality. The extensive information qLegal drafted on IP issues essentially formed part of my business plan.

Overall, it was helpful to find enthusiastic people who were motivated to contribute to my business, which in turn motivated me to work harder. The legal advice I received is particularly relevant to my business as there are so many IP issues, such as copyright, which is central to the service I provide.

Dee is the founder of Tidyup Media, an innovative business which provides multimedia journalism and recycling services for customers who want to share multimedia stored on various analogue and digital formats.



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