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Are you confused by the small print? Our free 'Small print' workshops aim to provide an overview of specific areas of law such as confidentiality, intellectual property and business law. The workshops are designed and delivered by qLegal students responding to the organiser’s brief and with the particular audience in mind. The content is checked by qualified lawyers.

Workshops may be for entrepreneurs and SMEs generally, within a particular sector, or for a chosen demographic.

Tailored interactive classes and workshops on legal and entrepreneurship issues may also be delivered to schools, FE colleges and universities.

The students delivered a really amazing workshop for our London College of Fashion students. They came across so clearly and professionally.
Tiff Radmore - Unit Coordinator at London College of Fashion

You can see examples of past workshops to get a sense of what can be offered but we are always open to new suggestions.

If you would be interested in arranging a tailored qLegal workshop for your organisation or community, please contact us.

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